Access your favorite apps with this mouse app launcher


  • Diverse areas to add direct shortcuts
  • Easy to configure and use


  • Too big for the screen
  • No advanced options

Radian is an original app launcher that makes opening folders and running programs easier for you.

Instead of having to browse a large hard drive or a cluttered Start menu, all you need to do with Radian is right click anywhere on your screen and hold the button. In a few seconds you’ll see the Radian menu appear, with direct links to your most frequently used apps and folders.

Configuring Radian is piece of cake. The menu is divided into four customizable areas, which can be set to various modes: you can make it display the icons in your Quick Launch menu, the links on your desktop, a list of your recent documents or simply customize it with any other collection of icons. Radian also lets you apply a different color to each area, which makes it easier for you to distinguish.

Radian does what it says on the tin, but there are still some details that could be improved, such as the program’s excessive size on the screen, as well as the lack of themes or any other advanced configuration options.

Radian puts a handy application and folder launcher at the tip of your mouse.




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